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Hello! My name is Monica, and I live in what what I fondly call the heart & home of "Jayhawks Nation" aka Lawrence, KS. #RockChalkJayhawkGoKU!!! I'm Californian by birth, but Jayhawks through the grace of God. 😊

I'm a divorced, cis woman whose pronouns are she/her/hers. Though I'm currently between full-time, permanent gigs (thanks Covid-19), I'm licensed to practice as a professional registered nurse in all active eNLC states and jurisdictions. However, my most important job is being mother to 4 absolutely amazing humans (soon-to-be ages 25 years this month, plus 21, 21, and 17 years all next month). Three of my kids would likely identify as cisgender with one identifying as transgender. My children also express sexual orientations across the rainbow spectrum: 1 is straight, 2 are bi, 1 is gay. Even I, myself, identify as an "L" in what's the jokingly referred to as the Alphabet Mafia (LGBTQIA+). I considered us Rainbow Warriors! Additionally, though I'm nearly 15 years divorced from their Caucasian father, we are also a family of color. I am African-/Black-American. My children are biracial, yet also self-identify as Black. Lastly, though I have Hebrew roots in my family tree on my bio mother's side, I was raised in the Christian tradition. As an adult, I still identify as Christian and have somewhat raised my kids in a more modern, progressive Christian faith (within the United Church of Christ/congregationalist/Quaker-ish ideology) which employ the values of being open & affirming for ALL persons, as well as places a strong significance on social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
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