Dani Villalobos (elle/open)

Arcoiris Therapy
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
avatar for Jesse Freidin (he/him)

Jesse Freidin (he/him)

Jesse Freidin Photographer
avatar for Rebecca Minor (she/her)

Rebecca Minor (she/her)

Gender Specialist, LLC
Parent Coach, Clinician, Consultant
avatar for Dr. Megan Anna Neff (she/they)

Dr. Megan Anna Neff (she/they)

Neurodivergent Insights
avatar for Kaydx (they/he/ẹmi)

Kaydx (they/he/ẹmi)

Dagbasi Productions
avatar for Jax Whitehead (they/them)

Jax Whitehead (they/them)

Pediatric Endocrinology
avatar for Jesse Greenfield (they/them)

Jesse Greenfield (they/them)

County of San Diego
Community Health Worker Liaison
avatar for Sorrel Hester (they/them)

Sorrel Hester (they/them)

Candler School of Theology at Emory University
avatar for Stephanie Brill

Stephanie Brill

Gender Spectrum
avatar for Stephen Chukumba

Stephen Chukumba

Capital One
Agile Program Lead
avatar for Vaughn Darst

Vaughn Darst

All Gender Nutrition
avatar for Andy Duran

Andy Duran

Good Vibrations
Educational Outreach Manager
avatar for Lisa Arieta Hayes Ed.D., LCSW

Lisa Arieta Hayes Ed.D., LCSW

Practice Specialist

Gabby Fernandez

Gender Spectrum
avatar for Rev. Nicole Garcia

Rev. Nicole Garcia

National LGBTQ Task Force
Faith Work Director
avatar for Alexander Gonzalez

Alexander Gonzalez

Somos Familia
Community Educator
avatar for Laura Grossman, LMFT

Laura Grossman, LMFT

Laura Grossman Therapy
avatar for Yarrow Halpern

Yarrow Halpern

Gender Spectrum
Manager of Online Programs
avatar for Ellie Zara Ley

Ellie Zara Ley

Gender Confirmation Center
avatar for Dr. Ximena Lopez

Dr. Ximena Lopez

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
avatar for Kathie Moehlig

Kathie Moehlig

TransFamily Support Services
Executive Director
avatar for Carla Pena

Carla Pena

Gender Spectrum
Director of Training, Professional Development
avatar for Kaidyn Radford

Kaidyn Radford

Gender Spectrum
Digital and Social Media Manager
avatar for Mónica Rodas

Mónica Rodas

Somos Familia
Family Organizer
avatar for Lilith Rose

Lilith Rose

PFLAG San Francisco
Executive Director
avatar for Kim Westheimer

Kim Westheimer

Gender Spectrum
Director Research, Policy and Practice
avatar for Rabbi Micah Buck Yael

Rabbi Micah Buck Yael

Director of Education & Training